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About company

The main value of WE-ON is people. Our Company has brought together the best specialists in Russia working with the use of BIM-technologies on complex residential development.  
Experience and desire to improve, allowed the company to become an expert in design and consulting, due to the application of the best world practices and its own innovative developments, created taking into account a comprehensive analysis of the implemented projects.

3 km2

Total area of designed buildings


Implemented projects across Russia and abroad

13 389 000

Simulated elements using BIM technologies

We develop unique software for designing, monitoring and managing residential information.


BIM is a common knowledge resource for obtaining information about an object and serves as a basis for decision-making during the object's life cycle, which is defined as existing from the earliest concept up to the demolition. Information modeling is a process as a result of which an information model of a building is formed. 
Thereat, for each stage there is a certain model that displays the amount of information about a building or structure processed at that moment - architectural, design, technological and economic data.

Our BIM standards




Each project is unique. WE-ON designs buildings to build the infrastructure of the future. We are ready to take on complex and non-standard development tasks. 
We optimize construction processes and monitor the quality of project implementation

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