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bim technology

BIM is a common knowledge resource for obtaining information about an object and serves as a basis for decision-making during the object's life cycle, which is defined as existing from the earliest concept up to the demolition. Information modeling is a process as a result of which an information model of a building is formed. 
Thereat, for each stage there is a certain model that displays the amount of information about a building or structure processed at that moment - architectural, design, technological and economic data.

The Company develops unique software for residential design, monitoring and information management in the BIM concept.


The Company develops unique software for the design of residential buildings, for control and management of information in the BIM concept. 
The Nika platform automates the design process saving up to 1000 man-hours for a number of operations and provides up-to-date information from the BIM model to developers, contractors, management companies, supervisory authorities, etc.

Our BIM standards


Nika Drive

The client application installed by the employees contains sets of CAD plugins that automate the implementation of design tasks and accelerate BIM modeling, increasing the efficiency of the designers. The application also collects statistics on the employee's work and automatically updates itself in the background without the need to interrupt project activities.
The statistics are collected on project tasks, as well as in details on work in BIM software. The information is stored in a cloud database and published on a web portal. The platform is a tool for communication between various design departments allowing to record and hand over the design specifications to work.

Nika Motion

At any time, we know exactly what kind of work an employee is doing, as well as his detailed production metrics in a BIM environment. The data can be used both for monitoring individual employees and for calculating general statistics by departments or companies.
The developer can use the platform to monitor contractors' activities, which allows him to see the picture of the work performed in real time. BIM statistics allows calculating the metrics of BIM modeling, their time and resource costs.

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